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Title Description Tags Download Version
Indicia Forms for Drupal 8 The main integration module for Drupal 8 sites running Indicia. drupal 8, client GitHub 1.49.0
Indicia Warehouse Code for othe Indicia warehouse, the back-end database platform for Indicia. See Warehouse installation notes. warehouse GitHub 1.49.0
Indicia Forms for Drupal 7

The main integration module for Drupal 7 sites running Indicia.

drupal 7, client GitHub 1.49.0
indicia2Recorder A Recorder 6 addin which downloads records from iRecord and other Indicia/Drupal powered websites. See documentation for this addin. Note you also need to download the DLL files available on this page under "DLLs to accompany Indicia2Recorder" and add them to your Recorder 6 installation folder. dataflow Package icon 1.9.0
DLLs to accompany Indicia2Recorder When installing the Indicia2Recorder addin for Recorder 6, please unzip these 2 dlls into your Recorder 6 installation folder as well. Package icon
LRC Template website backup

Backup files for the LRC Template. See

drupal 7, lrc template LRC Template MySQL backup 7.0
LRC Template Drupal files

LRC Template Drupal installation files. See for more information.

drupal 7, lrc template LRC Template Drupal files 7.0
Indicia2Recorder connection file for iRecord

A connection file preconfigured to allow the Indicia2Recorder addin to download your iRecord data into Recorder 6. See the addin documentation.

Updated 29/05/2017 to support https on iRecord using version 1.2.0 or higher of Indicia2Recorder.

iRecord, dataflow Plain text icon indiciaConnection.txt
Indicia Features for Drupal 7

Indicia features modules for Drupal 7.

drupal 7, client Package icon indicia_features drupal 7 0.9.0
Indicia Forms for Drupal 6

Main integration module for using Indicia within Drupal 6 websites.

drupal 6, client Package icon iform drupal 6 0.9.0
Indicia Features for Drupal 6

Indicia features modules for Drupal 6, used in the installation of Instant Indicia. Easy login module is recommended for all Drupal 6 + Indicia sites.

drupal 6, client Package icon indicia_features 0.9.0
iRecord training manual

The training manual for iRecord is available in several downloadable formats or via the online documentation.

userguide 1.0
LRC Drupal Template site manual

Documentation and tutorials on how to set up and manage a website based on the LRC Drupal Template site.

documentation, drupal 7 LRC Template Website manual 1.0
Indicia documentation manual

The Indicia documentation manual is available to download in several formats.

documentation Indicia documentation downlaods Latest
Instant Indicia tutorials

Tutorial documentation for Instant Indicia

documentation, drupal 6 PDF icon Instant Indicia Tutorials v1.4.pdf 1.4